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An efficient way to keep your ice supply cool and available.

Keep plenty of ice on hand with Scotsman’s selection of modular ice bins. With adequate and efficient ice storage, you can be assured that you’ll never run out of the cold stuff.

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Bin Storage

Energy Star Ice Production
Ice Storage
widthheight depth

B330P, B530P, B530S Ice Storage Bins

536 lbs.30 in44 in34 in

B322S Modular Ice Storage Bins

370 lbs.22 in44 in34 in

B948S Modular Ice Storage Bins

893 lbs.48 in44 in34 in

BH1100, BH1300, BH1600 Ice Storage Bins

1775 lbs.60 in50 in34 in

B230P Modular Ice Storage Bin

242 lbs.30 in28 in31 in

B842S Modular Ice Storage Bins

778 lbs.42 in44 in34 in

ICS1, ICS2, ICS3 Ice Storage Bins

1800 lbs.90 in71 in36 in