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    The classic ice form, perfect for any beverage.

    CB0522 Prodigy® Advanced Sustainability™

    Prodigy Advanced Sustainability is Scotsman’s most intelligent and sustainable line of ice machines, designed to save more water, energy and operating costs than ever before.


    • Ultimate ice-level management – A 15-set-point ice-level control system enables you to program ice levels for up to seven days, keeping just the right amount of freshly made ice in the bin.
    • Advanced network control system – Provides information about the machine’s performance history to maximize operational uptime. Were an issue to occur, Prodigy Advanced Sustainability can self-diagnose it, enabling maintenance to be accomplished faster and more effectively.
    • AutoAlert™ indicator lights – Five LED-lighted symbols alert staff to key operational issues, minimizing performance interruptions.
    • Warranty start date – Stored in the control for easy access and preventive maintenance scheduling as well as asset control management. 
    • WaterSense adaptive purge control  – The patented WaterSense purge control ensures maximum reliability by reducing scale buildup, extending the time between cleanings.

    Energy Efficiency  

    Save up to an estimated $187 annually as calculated via Food Service Technology Center (www.fishnick.com).



    24 hr production: 475 lb @ 70/50, 280 lb @ 90/70

    Dimensions: 22” W x 24” D x 23” H 
    Shipping Carton:  25.5” W x 27.5” D x 28” H 
    Shipping Weight:   160 lb  
    Available Condenser Options: Air


    Base Electrical, Volts/Hz/Phase: 115/60/1

    BTU Per Hour: 7,900

    Max Fuse Size: 15 amps

    Circuit Wire: 2 

    Min. Circuit Ampacity: 13.8 amps


    Energy & Water Usage

    Energy: 6.7 kWh/100 lb

    Water: 18.5 gallons/100 lb 



    Technical specs are based on air-cooled model.