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    The Original Chewable Ice®. 

    NB0622 Prodigy® Advanced Sustainability™

    Scotsman nugget ice, The Original Chewable Ice™, was created with the consumer in mind. The soft, randomly sized bits of ice and its chewable form make it a favorite for all types of beverages. And because it displaces more liquid than cube ice, Scotsman nugget ice lowers syrup costs per cup.


    Scotsman’s Prodigy Advanced Sustainability line is more intelligent and sustainable than ever, offering single-system ease, with integrated controls, for optimizing energy and water efficiency and enhanced service diagnostic capability.




    • Ultimate ice-level management – Programmable seven-day 15 set-point system. Choose the amount of ice you need, when you want to make it.
    • Advanced network control system – Provides information about the machine’s performance history to maximize operational uptime. If an issue occurs, the control system can self-diagnose and benchmark it so that maintenance can be accomplished faster and more effectively.
    • Five LED-lighted universal symbols – Visually communicates current status and alerts staff to minimize performance interruptions and ensure appropriate ice production levels. Tone/buzzer feature reinforces light symbols.
    • Built-in antimicrobial protection – Scotsman AquaArmor™ uses AgION®, a silver-based antimicrobial compound molded directly into key components, to further defend against undesirable microbes, bacteria, mold and algae.
    • Best warranty in the industry – Offering the industry-leading three-year parts and labor and five-year parts on the compressor warranty.


    24 hr Production: 643 lb @ 70/50, 500 lb @ 90/70
    Dimensions: 22.9" W x 24" D x 23" H
    Shipping Carton: 25.5” W x 27.5” D x 28.5” H
    Shipping Weight: 172 lb
    Available Condenser Options: Air


    Base Electrical, Volts/Hz/Phase: 115/60/1

    BTU Per Hour: 7,100

    Max. Fuse Size: 25 amps

    Circuit Wires: 2

    Min. Circuit Ampacity: 18.3


    Energy & Water Usage

    Energy: 5.3 kWh/100 lb

    Water: 12.0 gallons/100 lb