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Meridian™ units utilize common parts across the product platform for easier servicing and are more energy-efficient to operate. As well, improved accessibility makes the units easier to clean, maintain and operate.
Meridian™ was designed with healthcare in mind. It features a sanitary design with touch-free dispensing and AgION® antimicrobial protection. Meridian's ease of service and maintenance also keep operating costs down while its soft ice form and quiet operation keeps patients and guests happy.
Meridian™ units can be used in many environments where there is a need for an efficient and reliable source for ice and water, including:
  • Office spaces
  • Hospitality suites
  • Cafeterias
  • Small cafes/restaurants
  • Convenience stores
Meridian™ was designed to put everything within reach. Preventative maintenance can be performed at the machine without having to disconnect or completely remove numerous parts.
Ice needs vary depending on how many patients/guests are being served over different periods of time. The Meridian™ line features a variety of different ice-making and storage capacities to meet a wide range of applications. Scotsman's Ice Machine Configurator is a great tool to help with determining the appropriate model. Please contact your local Scotsman authorized distributor for further assistance.
Product testing results indicate that Meridian™ can operate up to 15% more efficiently than the competition, saving you money over the life of the product.
Yes, Scotsman will continue to make parts for at least seven years after the MDT discontinuation date, which was March 2015.
Meridian units will produce the new H2Nugget which is slightly different than the MDT nugget. This new form is easier to dispense while still being the softest ice form on the market.
Scotsman has optimized its popular nugget ice form to make it easier to dispense. It still remains the softest, most easily chewable compressed ice on the market. Also, the infrared sensors are now more reliable and work more precisely than ever.
Meridian™ features an industry-leading 3-year parts and labor warranty. The compressor and condenser feature a 5-year parts warranty.
A cleaning and sanitizing cycle can usually be completed in under an hour.
Customers should contact their local authorized Scotsman distributor for more information.
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