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An efficient way to keep your ice supply cool and available.


ICS1, ICS2, ICS3 Ice Storage Bins

Scotsman offers a wide variety of ice storage bins to suit your ice storage needs.

The ICS1, 2 and 3 models enable you to move large quantities of ice safely and quickly, eliminating the need to carry ice buckets or scooping ice into carts. Polyurethane foam insulation preserves the ice supply for long periods, while the polyethylene bin interior is sanitary and easy to clean.



  • All models available with stainless steel construction and polyethylene ice carts.
  • Ice flow from bottom of bin means first ice in, first ice out for fresher, cleaner delivered ice.
  • Continuous ice turnover eliminates stale ice.
  • NSF-approved construction.
  • Scotsman warranty – Five-year parts and labor on all components.


Three models are available to store ice in large quantities as well as a plentiful reserve. 

Storage Capacity: Up to 500 lb of ice  

Dimensions: 30 "  W x 36 "  D x 65 "  H    

Shipping Weight: 309 lb 


Storage Capacity: Up to 1200 lb of ice 

Dimensions: 60" W x 36 "  D x 71 "  H   

Shipping Weight: 840 lb 


Storage Capacity: Up to 1800 lb of ice 

Dimensions:  90 "  W x 36 "  D x 71 "  H   

Shipping Weight:  1200 lb 



USA    ISO Certified    NSF Certification