Essential to your operation.

Scotsman is dedicated to developing
next-generation technologies that make
ice production more convenient,
efficient and reliable. With the new,
more compact Essential Nugget and
Flake ice machines, you get the ice you
need, exactly where you need it.
Dimensions: 24” x 28.5” x 39”
Storage capacity: 80 lbs.

UF424 – 400 lb.
Flake Ice Machine

Self-Contained Undercounter
Flaker with Storage
  • Cools more quickly than other ice forms
  • Ideal for use in healthcare, foodservice and school applications
  • Produces up to 440 lbs. per day
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the Essential Flaker.

UN324 – 300 lb.
Nugget Ice Machine

Self-Contained Undercounter
Nugget with Storage
  • Chewable, slow-melting ice that customers love
  • Perfect for restaurants, bars and therapeutic use
  • Produces up to 340 lbs. per day
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the Essential Nugget.
All products are manufactured and tested at our
award-winning facility in South Carolina, ensuring
each machine works exactly like it should.