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The Original Chewable Ice™

The orginal chewable ice people love.

2012 marks 31 years since Scotsman Ice Systems developed the first Nugget Ice machine and started a revolution in ice chewing. Ever since, Scotsman has been a market leader in nugget ice, producing the only Original Chewable Ice. We’re celebrating this moment in history all year long with contests, games and events.

Check them out:

Nug Truck: Have you ever wished that nugget ice could appear wherever you want it? Wish granted! Scotsman is launching the Nug Truck on a cross-country tour to spread the news about the Original Chewable Ice. Follow the nug truck’s exploits or request a visit 

Nug Finder: We’re all about uniting the fans of Nugget Ice and the businesses that serve it. That’s why we’ve developed the Nug Finder—the easiest way to find Nugget Ice in any area of the US. See nugget ice-serving businesses or add your place to the map  

Photo Gallery: Check out Nug pics, including memories of our latest event. See all the photos on ScotsmanIceSystems' photostream . We’re celebrating all year long, so check back here regularly for more 30th Anniversary festivities from Scotsman. In the mean time, explore Nugget Ice machines on the left and ejoy the craziness over at luvthenug.com.