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Prodigy® Advanced Sustainability Optimizes Energy and Water Savings

October 2, 2011

VERNON HILLS, Ill.— October 2, 2011 ? Scotsman Ice Systems today introduced the Prodigy® Advanced Sustainability™ family of ice machines, which can save operators even more energy and water than previous models due to ice-level management, which optimizes ice production. In addition, previously optional features now come standard on every Prodigy Advanced Sustainability ice machine, including an advanced network control system with state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities.

“Prodigy Advanced Sustainability ice machines offer increased production, reduced utility costs for operators, while at the same time increasing reliability,” said Mark McClanahan, president, Scotsman Ice Systems. “Features that were previously optional are now integrated on all Prodigy Advanced Sustainability ice machine models.”

Prodigy Advanced Sustainability covers the broadest offering of sustainability-focused ice makers in the industry and is available with Scotsman cubers, flakers and nugget ice machines. These machines offer an average of 10 percent higher ice-making capacity than other ice machines while consuming less water and energy.

The Prodigy advanced network control system provides information about the machine’s performance history to maximize operational uptime. In addition, operators are able to monitor multiple machines remotely. Ice-level management uses ultrasonic ice-level sensors to allow for customizable ice production levels based on demand, which saves energy and water, thus eliminating unnecessary ice production.

The machines also feature five LED-lighted symbols and a buzzer system that immediately alerts staff to key operational issues to minimize performance interruptions and ensure appropriate ice production levels. The warranty start date for each machine is now stored in the controls for easy access and preventive maintenance scheduling.

Features that come standard with all Prodigy Advanced Sustainability machines are noted below:


  • AutoAlert™ light system visually communicates the machine’s operational status through easy-to-understand universal symbols for complete confidence in its ice-making capability.
  • The Prodigy Cuber family offers an automatic adjustable purge that reduces scale buildup to extend the time between cleanings.
  • A diagnostic code display helps technicians determine issues quickly and accurately for a right fix the first time.
  • Built-in antimicrobial protection defends against microbes, bacteria, mold and algae.


For existing Prodigy ice machines, Advanced Sustainability enhancement kits are available through Scotsman service dealers for more than 50,000 installed units. For more information, visit www.scotsman-ice.com.

About Scotsman Ice Systems
As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of ice systems, with more than 300 models of ice machines, storage bins, and ice and water dispensers, Scotsman is dedicated to developing today’s most innovative ice solutions. In 2011, Scotsman earned the Award for Excellence in Energy-Efficient Product Design by ENERGY STAR®. Offering more than 60 ENERGY STAR® qualified models, Scotsman Prodigy® ice machines incorporate superior designs which reduce energy and water consumption, making a difference for the environment and the bottom line. Also, in 2010, Scotsman was the recipient of the Overall Best-in-Class award from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, as well as the Best-in-Class award as voted by Dealers. For more information, visit www.scotsman-ice.com.