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In the restaurant business, downtime is simply not an option. That's why we introduced Prodigy Plus® ice-making technology – an enhanced platform available on a wide range of Scotsman cube, flake and nugget ice machines. Not only can you can be more confident than ever in the equipment you operate, you can rest assured you're serving the clearest, freshest-tasting ice to your customers every day.

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Discover how Prodigy Plus® technology from Scotsman is helping restaurant operators do more.
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Easy to service

With a variety of upgrades designed to ensure your ice machine is always easy to service, Prodigy Plus® technology from Scotsman helps all types of restaurants save valuable time and resources.

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Easy to clean

With powerful one-touch cleaning capability and a front-breathing, reusable air filter, the Prodigy Plus® platform from Scotsman makes reliable, effective cleaning easier than ever.

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Easy to operate

From our ultrasonic ice level control to enhanced energy efficiency and more, Prodigy Plus® is the smart, easy-to-operate solution for today's fast-paced commercial foodservice operations.

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Discover how Prodigy Plus® delivers significant cost savings, less downtime and more reliable ice-making performance.

  • AutoAlert™ indicator lights — enhanced visibility of your machine's operating status
  • Self-aligning front panel — offering easier access to serviceable components
  • Front-breathing air filter — easily accessible and reusable for maximum efficiency
  • NARROW operational footprint — among the industry's smallest
  • Convenient QR code placement — one-step access to manuals and warranty history
  • One-touch cleaning on cuber models — helping reduce labor costs
  • Patented WaterSense purge control — automatically purges excess minerals
  • Built-in antimicrobial protection — ensuring safe, clean operation
  • PATENTED HARVEST ASSIST — efficiently moves cube ice to the bin
  • Smart-Board™ advanced feature module (optional) — advanced diagnostic readouts
  • Vari-Smart™ ice level control (optional) — helps maintain the ideal amount of ice anytime

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The Prodigy Plus® difference is clear. Find out how Scotsman combines a wide
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Our strongest lineup ever.

Prodigy Plus® technology is now enhancing products across a wide range of our cube, flake and nugget ice machines.
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best lineup ever

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