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The Original Chewable Ice®.

Scotsman Ice Systems invented The Original Chewable Ice® in 1981 and changed ice history forever. Named nugget ice for its soft, small, unique shape, this beloved form of ice is also known as pellet ice. Perfect for fountain beverages, smoothies, blended cocktails, salad bars and therapeutic use, Scotsman Nugget Ice® is a favorite the world over.

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N0422 Prodigy Plus®

455 lbs. 22.9 in 23 in 24 in

N0622 Prodigy Plus®

800 lbs. 22.9 in 23 in 24 in

N0922 Prodigy Plus®

X 1094 lbs. 22.9 in 27 in 24 in

N1322 Prodigy Plus®

X 1354 lbs. 22.9 in 27 in 24 in


2400 lbs. 42 in 27 in 24 in